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Online Casino Slots 101

When it comes to casinos – online or offline – slots are the undisputed kings. Slots transform the average online gambling experience into something else. Most gamblers around the world are pure newbies. They don’t have the basic understanding about casino games, let alone slots.

This post is intended to explain a few aspects of online casino slots. The beginners can benefit immensely from this information. The experts can still learn a thing or two from this post.

Knowledge is everything when it comes to any business online. Though gambling is no business, it involves a whole lot of hard earned cash.

Slots work based on reel to reel basis. Reels are sequences of symbols. Reels are the columns of the matrix. Nature of the slots is decided by its number of reels. It also depends on the rows of symbols on these reels.

Simply put, the slot is controlled by the spin button. It spins the reel, thereby making it to land on certain symbols. The gambler bets a certain amount of money prior to the spin. When the spin is completed, the gambler ends on a matrix of symbols. The gambler wins if 3 symbols line up on a playline.

The winnings depend on the set of symbols landed upon. The amount wagered also dictates the winnings. A symbol can return 50% to 10000% on your bet. Each slot has a unique set of symbols. There are different values for every type of symbols.

It’s a smart and essential practice to read into the pay table before you start on any slot. Modern day slots don’t really have spinning reels. The online slots randomly generate symbols for the reel. When you click the spin button, the slots decides which symbol should appear where. There is genuine randomization involved. It makes prediction on upcoming slot impossible. You are in for some adrenaline filled instantaneous fun.

Another thing to understand is the bonus round. Not all slots come with bonus round. But majority of the popular ones feature bonuses. Some slots feature more than one type of bonus round. Bonus rounds are triggered by scatter symbols. You can read into these on the pay table menu.

Bonus rounds transform the gameplay. It gifts you with multipliers or free spins. For most part, the gamblers make serious cash during bonus rounds. Alternative version of bonus games would be free spins of fortunes. In these rounds the gamblers spin the wheel to earn free spins or multipliers.

There are board games styled bonus rounds too. It’s where you spin for a preferred number in a dice. It lands you to bonuses and multipliers. Bonus rounds do feature interactive mini games in some cases. It’s more like the classic games you played as a kid. It can be as simple as snakes and ladders.

There are some really fun, high octane bonus games too. It feels like opening boxes of surprises. When you understand the rules of the slots and bonus rounds, you are in for some lucrative fun.